Carrie Pestritto
Prospect Agency
New York, New York

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I’m a teacher  and mom so helping people comes second nature to me, however, please check out the questions below before emailing. 

Q: Can you read my manuscript?
We live in litigious times so I won’t be comfortable reading your manuscript.

Q: Can you give me  writing advice? 
There’s lots of great blogs and books on writing. Check my  blog. Use google—there’s   so much wonderful free information available for the aspiring writer. You can also take a creative writing class. It will take time and lots  and lots of writing. I wish I could break it down like I do when teaching my students how to write an essay, but it’s just not that easy to explain. ( Or maybe it is and writers make it difficult. ♥ )

Q: How do you find your research material? 

Google and Amazon are my research buddies. I’ll drop some money for a hardcopy of a primary source no longer in print ( still less expensive than my children’s college textbooks)  and buy hard copies of books to highlight and annotate. I’ve spent months playing with different key words on google to find primary source material. ( Like a diary from 200 years ago and a Phd dissertation on color symbolism in Hungary. ) So, I guess the answer to the question, is diligence, determination and a willingness to go through 1000s of pages for a few nuggets of deliciousness.