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I began writing the moment I could hold a crayon. In elementary school, I scribbled stories, penned silly tales for my friends in middle school, and joined the high school newspaper.

A part time job as a clerk for the local library located just through the woods behind my house allowed ample time to wander up and down the musty wooden shelves—it was a very old library.

I attended the University of Utah for a few years until learning took a backseat to rearing four children. Luckily, I squeezed in frequent trips to the library, checking out the maximum number of books each visit.

Flash forward a few decades ( and a few husbands) and I found myself returning to school to complete my literature degree. Teaching, more schooling, and mommy duties kept me running through the day. The moment my children were able to forage for their own food and the day after receiving my Masters, I plunged head first into my passion—writing novels. Haven’t stopped writing since.

By day, you can find me teaching literary craft, authorial technique, and grading essays. An afternoon drive on the harrowing Southern California freeway takes me back home where I write and avoid housework.

An avid reader, I savor well-crafted, witty prose that makes me laugh, challenges conventionality, and stirs the imagination. An intriguing mystery-thriller, action-adventure, historical fiction, or urban fantasy will have me reading into the wee hours of the night.

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